Exquisitely directed. What a moving journey, and so fully and theatrically realized. What a gift you have, and brought to our campus.
— Bill Rauch (Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Director of All the Way, 2014 Tony’s Best Play)
I have been blown away by how quickly he has established himself as a completely singular voice in New York, nationally, and internationally; this is the highest mark of his artistic skills. Eugene’s musical talent, his humor, his charm and elegance as an artist, have all conspired to make him a sought after professional. The work I have seen Eugene do is aesthetically bold, and combines politics with heart in a way rarely seen.
— Rachel Chavkin (Two-time Obie Winner; Artistic Director of the TEAM; Director, Pierre, Natasha and the Great Comet of the 1812)
Eugene’s eye has always been superlative, and it emerges threedimensionally in human patterns with great confidence.
— Michael Krass (Tony-nominated Costume Designer)
What makes his work so extraordinary both as an actor and director is that he finds form emotionally, vocally, and physically; he always goes behind the disciplines to find a point at which they meet, so that the text, the acting, the music and the movement have an organic relationship to each other.
— William Scoular (West End Stage Director)
Through this apprenticeship, Eugene has already shown deep and visceral understanding of the work and the potential to be a Master Teacher. I have rarely come across an artist of his skill, artistry and dedication to excellence.
— Christopher Bayes (Head of Physical Acting, Yale School of Drama; Professor, The Juilliard School)
I also had the opportunity to see his work as a director on several other occasions. He has a command of poignant humor and his stage craft is impeccable. He is able to bring out painfully truthful responses in his performers, always to the benefit of the production.
— Rebecca Martinez (Ensemble Member of Sojourn Theatre)
The clown work he did with his actors, especially those playing the children, was tremendous. Not only did it unlock playful, personal performances from his actors, but also it became a crystal clear story-telling tool that he could use to help his audience. This work was connected to actions and needs and felt like a gift, a tool he had given his actors.
— Andrew Neisler (Founder, Fresh Ground Pepper)
After the show, one actor after another told me that they couldn’t have done the show without Eugene’s mentorship, help, and his mastery of the art of Commedia.
— Joan MacIntosh (Drama Desk & Five-time Obie Winning Theatre Veteran)
Funny, vulnerable, brave, totally original, experimental, entertaining!!! Thank GOD!!!
— Jessica Almasy (Actor, Founding Member of the TEAM)
The improvisational nature of the piece was rich and comic and a testament to his unique imagination.
— Joan Vail Thorne (Director and Playwright)
You created a good environment for your actors, trained them in the physical style you envisioned, and then worked effectively with them to uncover how best to tell the story of the play. Your staging was clear and imaginative, and you gamely took on the challenge of the weak link in your cast, coaching her nearly up to the standard of the others. You do have a real eye as a director, a capacity to tell a clear story as well as make intriguing stage pictures.
— Mary Robinson (Theatre Director)