A clip from The Man Who Laughs at Urban Stages produced by Stolen Chair Theatre Company, featuring Eugene's Drama-Desk Award nominated, nightly semi-improvised original piano score -- the only auditory storytelling tool in a piece that brings the silent movie form to life.      (February 2013)

The Man Who Laughs transforms frowsy Urban Stages into an old-fashioned silent-movie theater, complete with sumptuous piano accompaniment by composer Eugene Ma.
— New York Magazine
Eugene Ma’s turn at the ivories at the foot of the stage is as finely tuned and athletic as each performer’s movements and, just like his castmates, hits Every. Single. Mark.
— NYtheatre.com
They are supported by evocative live piano music, skillfully improvised by Eugene Ma.
— backstage.com

Eugene singing his arrangement of Rodgers and Hart's Nobody's Heart @ Joe's Pub (The Public Theatre, NY), in From Rodgers to Heart : an evening of songs directed by Sutton Foster & presented by NYU Tisch.  (May 7th 2010)